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BridgePad Wireless Scoring System

The BridgePad™ scoring system, developed by a lifelong Duplicate Bridge player, is a sophisticated, yet easy to use Contract Bridge Scoring System for eliminating the distracting and time-consuming tasks of the traditional paper-based scoring system. Paper recording and manual entry of results into the scoring program is completely eliminated along with scoring errors and disputes due to mis-readings. Using the BridgePad™ system, the typical long wait for the final results of a game is dramatically reduced - final results are published almost immediately following the completion of the final board.

The BridgePad™ system frees everybody to concentrate on Bridge.

  • Instant Scoring and Comparison
    • Board scores are calculated instantly and sent to ACBL's scoring program
    • The BridgePad™ system informs players about correct table, board number and vulnerability, avoiding errors and conflicts.
    • Final game results are calculated immediately and disseminated to the players without delay.
  • Smoother, Faster Games
    • The game Director can supervise the tournament without the distractions of collecting round score sheets and mediating scoring disputes.
    • One game Director can supervise more tables and more sections with less effort.
    • Players ACBL numbers can be entered by players at the tables and instantly sent to the ACBL scoring program.

What is the BridgePad™ system?

The BridgePad™ wireless scoring system consists of

  • A *compact battery-powered wireless BridgePad™ Terminal at each playing table. Players enter their contract and board results into the terminal after each round.
  • A BridgePad™ Base Station connected to a computer that receives scores from the BridgePad™ terminals via wireless transmission and instantly transfers them to ACBLscore, or other standard scoring program.
  • BridgePad™ Software that connects the BridgePad™ base station to the ACBL scoring program .
  • The BridgePad™ terminals can not only send information to ACBLscore, but also receive information to be displayed to the players at the tables. Movement information from the scoring program is used to determine which pairs and which boards are at a specific table at each round of the game.
  • The BridgePad™ terminals can receive and display a comparison of results for the board just played against results obtained by previous teams playing the same board, and they receive and display the final results of the game.

  • *actual size approximately 6" X 3" X 3/4"

Find out more information about the BridgePad™ Wireless Scoring System by reading the information HERE


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