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The BridgePad™ Wireless Scoring System consists of a set of compact, wireless, battery operated data terminals located at each playing table, a wireless base station connected to a personal computer, and BridgePad™ software that runs on a standard IBM PC-compatible computer.

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  • The BridgePad™ terminal is a compact unit (approximately 6" x 3" x 3/4") with a simple 25 key keyboard and screen that can display up to 8 lines of 20 characters. It is powered by 2 AA batteries (included) that last for several months with normal use. Each BridgePad™ terminal remains at the same table throughout a game.

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  • The BridgePad™ wireless base station is a small wireless transceiver that connects to one of a PCs USB ports via a standard USB cable. It can communicate with the BridgePad™ terminals up to 300 feet away using wireless radio frequency transmission.

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  • The BridgePad™ system supports multiple sections and hundreds of players. The system can support multiple computers spread throughout a large area without interference between different sections, so it can be used even in the largest tournaments.
  • Simple for Players to Use
  • The BridgePad™ terminal keys are marked clearly and unambiguously with large letters and symbols familiar to Bridge players, designating their functions. The terminal displays information using large, easy to read characters. At any point players can request a "Help screen" for additional guidance in using the terminal. However, the user interface, designed by a lifelong Bridge player, is so simple that a player using the terminal for the first time can enter scores without reading the instruction manual and without explanations from the Director.
  • BridgePad™ KNOWS Bridge !
  • BridgePad™ software uses information from the ACBL scoring program, about the movements, pair numbers, and correct table. Using this information, the software is able to register the scores it receives from a table for the correct pairs. With BridgePad™ wrong boards and mixed vulnerability will become distant memories.
  • Players can watch how they are doing
  • Players enter the contract and result as soon as each board is played. Since the BridgePad™ system knows the vulnerability of each board it can immediately calculate and send the scores for each board's score for display on the BridgePad™ terminal. With the BridgePad™ system players can forget about checking the bidding box to find the score for "6 Clubs doubled". The correct score is displayed instantly on the BridgePad™ terminal on their table.
  • Error Correction and Table Progress
  • If there is an error in any result entered during a round, a player can go back to any boards in the round being played and correct it. The Director can monitor the scoring and the progress of the match using the BridgePad™ software on the PC. As results from the tables are entered into the BridgePad™ terminals, they are displayed instantaneously on the scoring computer screen in an easy to understand format, or matrix, so the Director can easily see which tables are behind. He can also manually correct any score before it is entered into the ACBL scoring program.
  • Additional Optional Use Features
  • ACBL Membership Number Registration
  • The BridgePad™ terminal can record players' ACBL membership numbers at the start of a match. The member numbers are automatically sent to the scoring program which enters it in its database.
  • Score Verification to Minimize Score Recording Errors
  • The BridgePad™ system optional score approval feature prevents results entered by the North-South pair from being sent to the scoring program until the East-West pair has verified and approved them. No scores are recorded unless both pairs agree that they are correct so scoring disputes can be eliminated.
  • Instant Comparison with Previous Scores
  • Players can get instant feedback about their results on a board compared to results obtained by previous players of the same board. A comparison can be displayed on the BridgePad™ terminal in either of 3 optional formats (selected by the Director before the game starts under "Game Options" in the BridgePad program). The available formats are:
    1. Comparison format ( Top, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Bottom).
    2. Percentage Rank
    3. Traveler Format.
  • Final Results Summary Display
  • Match scores for each board played can be displayed on the BridgePad™ terminal at the end of the match. This allows players to get a full record of their own results without having to wait until the final match results have been printed.
  • Post results on your website
  • After collecting your scores using the BridgePad™ system, we suggest that you use "Bridge Composer" software from www.bridgecomposer.com to create web pages with the game results and then display them on your club website.

System requirements:

  • IBM-compatible PC with Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • USB port
  • ACBLscore scoring program for Windows - ver. 7.49 or later

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