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You may choose to either Purchase the BridgePad™ Bridge Scoring System or Lease the system under our affordable Leasing Plan. Contact Bridgepad Sales at 800.373.8181 or use our Contact Form to find out more about the affordable BridgePad™ Leasing Plan.

To use the BridgePad™ system you need:

  • One BridgePad™ Tabletop Terminal for Each Table.
  • One BridgePad™ Base Unit to connect to your scoring computer.
  • BridgePad™ Software to run on your scoring computer.
  • One BridgePad™ Director's Guide (instructions for the Director for setting up and using the system.)

(All hardware items include a One Year Warranty - Click Here for Warranty Policy details.)

For example, if your club runs 5 tables, then you need 5 Tabletop Terminals and 1 Base Unit. The BridgePad™ Software, TableTop Terminal User Guide, and Director's Guide may all be downloaded from the Downloads page of this website at no charge. A set of 2 AA batteries is included with each BridgePad™ Tabletop Terminal. A standard USB cable that you need to connect to your scoring computer is included with each BridgePad™ Base Unit

Orders of 12 or more BridgePad™ Tabletop Terminals will include sufficient Carrying Cases ($75 value each) each capable of holding up to 20 BridgePad™ Tabletop Terminals at NO additional cost.

Price List

Pricing for PURCHASE, LEASE, and EXTENDED WARRANTY for BridgePad™ components, accessories, and bundles. The BridgePadLease Plan is an open ended agreement that requires an initial payment followed by affordable monthly payments for as long as you wish to keep the items. Contact Bridgepad Sales at 800.373.8181 or use our Contact Form to find out more about the affordable BridgePadLeasing Plan

To find out HOW TO PURCHASE the BridgePad™ System Click Here. All items come with a One-year Warranty. Click Here to see the details of the Warranty policy. Click Here for details about SHIPPING, FORMS of PAYMENT, and our RETURN POLICY.

Click Here for a "printer-friendly" version of the Price List.
**NOTE: Monthly Leasing Fee are subject to change in the future.

Product Purchase Price Leasing Price
Initial / Monthly
Ext'd Warranty
after 1st year
BridgePad™ terminal 1-19 units
1 per table
$125.00 $40.00 / **$5.00 $10.00/yr
BridgePad™ terminal 20 or more units
1 per table
$120.00 $40.00 / **$5.00 $10.00/yr
BridgePad™ Base Unit
1 per scoring computer - price is $120 with purchase of 20 or more BridgePad™ terminals
$125.00 $40.00 / **$5.00 $10.00/yr
Carry case for BridgePad™ TableTop Terminals
(holds 20 BridgePad™ TableTop Terminals )
$75.00 N/A N/A
*Sales Taxes for orders shipped to a California address will be calculated when you submit your order.

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